Fabulous Chinese Inspired Casino Party Snacks

Most of the casino games played today have their roots in Europe, but there are a few that can trace their roots back to Asia. Keno dates back to Ancient China and so does Sic Bo; the name actually translates to “precious dice”. As well as these two, the most popular modern form of Baccarat was developed in Macau. So a gambling party with a Chinese slant is not only sophisticated, but also entirely appropriate. You don’t have to only play Baccarat, Keno and Sic Bo at your party, of course, but having a unified theme linking décor, music and food is a good idea.

Get some fabric that is printed with classic Chinese graphics or characters, and consider keeping the palate black and white with splashes of cherry red, forest green and possibly a few pops of gold. Find acoustic oriental-like music to play in the background, and if you’re playing Poker you could go as far as using replicas of lucky Chinese coins as betting chips. But before you worry about the décor and ambiance, make sure you have your menu locked down. Food and drink can make or break any party, after all.

Think Finger Foods

If you’re gambling in any way, whether you’re playing Keno, Sic Bo or any table game, you need the use of your hands. You can’t be dealing with knives, forks and other utensils; a plate to hold your snacks is about all you can accommodate. Finger foods are always great for parties, but at a casino-themed soiree they’re an even better choice than usual.

When most people think of Chinese food, rice, noodles and stir-fries are usually the first dishes that come to mind. In other words, delicious mouthfuls that are imminently “slurpable” and require bowls and chopsticks (if you’re proficient with them) or spoons and forks (if you aren’t). How does this translate to the finger-friendly fare that will work best at your casino party?

Have no fear, because there are a lot of easy-to-make snacks that will fit your purpose perfectly. They’re either originally from China, or are inspired by the cuisine of that country. We’re talking hoisin-flavoured spareribs (keep napkins and finger bowls handy), Crab Rangoon (American Chinese crab puffs) vegetable spring rolls, fried shrimp toasts and more. A simple platter of fresh fruit is perfect for dessert, but if you want to go all-out you can also include chocolate spring rolls.

And to Drink?

Chinese beers are highly recommended, and should be easy to find at speciality stores or online. Blend sweetened green tea with Chivas scotch for an incredible culture-fusion cocktail, and finish off with some chrysanthemum or jasmine tea – both of which have healing properties to balance out any excesses of the evening. If all of this sounds good to you (and how could it not?) don your favourite kimono and start planning a special event filled with both casino and Chinese delights!

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