Introduction to the Boston Marathon

The Boston Marathon is the world’s oldest yearly marathon and is considered one of the best road races. The marathon takes place every year on the third Monday in April which is the national holiday, Patriot’s Day. The Boston Marathon was first run in 1897 after the successful Summer Olympics marathon held the year before.

The size and prestige of the event has made it a popular race for sports bettors to bet on. The online betting platform has allowed bettors around the world access to the marathon even if it is not televised in their specific country.

The Best Sites to Bet At

Sports betting beginners and even seasoned bettors must always bet at online sportsbooks with trusted and reliable reputations when looking to place bets on the Boston Marathon. There is the risk of safety which is guaranteed by the sites that are legal, licensed and make use of protective technology.

These sites will also be those to give bettors the best odds and pay outs with regards to the Boston Marathon as well as around the clock and helpful customer support, convenient banking options and generous bonus offers.

Valuable Bonus Offers and Bets

Online sportsbooks offer new players welcome bonuses which can be claimed when an account has been opened or when a deposit is made. Any type of bet that a bettor wishes to place on the Boston Marathon can be done with the use of a welcome bonus but the bonus may have certain requirements that must be met. This is why understanding a bonus and knowing what is required is key to making the most out of it.

Regular bettors who have bet on the Boston Marathon previously may also be eligible to claim a variety of bonuses that may be valuable to their bets placed on the current Boston Marathon.

Some of the bets that can be placed on the race are more valuable than others. This is because they each have their own odds which are determined by a variety of different things.

Types of Bets and Odds Explained

The different types of Boston Marathon bets include those that are simple and some that are more complicated. Simple bets involve those that outline the winner of the race, the first placing male and the first placing female.

When the bets become more complicated they involve many different aspects of the racing such as the time a runner will finish in, will a record be broken, how many runners will reach the first leg and many more instances of the marathon.

The odds will be displayed at the various online sportsbooks and they will help bettors determine who or what the best bets may be. Trusted sites will have more accurate odds but no displayed odds are ever 100 percent.

Certain factors are taken into account which means the odds may change in moment’s notice. They are however useful with informing bettors of the chances of better outcomes for betting a certain way.

The odds may be determined by the strength of the runners, previous winners, injuries, finishing times and more.

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