Manage Your Online Casino Transactions through Your Regular PayPal Account

Many online casino game players are highly cautious when it comes to making digital transactions, and although playing at an online casino is statistically safer than playing at a real world casino, these concerns are not without merit. For starters online players should only ever make transactions at licensed casinos, which is a cement rule that should never be ignored. Since there is little that can be done if problems occur at unlicensed casinos, it is essential to first verify an online casino is official and licensed before committing money.

Also, transactions should only be made via secure systems, such as Neteller, even when a casino is licensed. Such payment systems virtually guarantee the safety and privacy of the user, and are all but completely impenetrable by unscrupulous hackers. More recently the well known PayPal Company have also started adding the option to use a PayPal account to make transactions at online casinos, which is great news for those who are serious about security. If you have a PayPal account you may now manage your online casino transactions through your regular PayPal account.

PayPal As An Online Casino Transaction System

In order to manage your online casino transactions through your regular PayPal account you simply need to select the valid option. Upon clicking to make a transaction at an online casino, the option to do so via PayPal will become available. Simply click the option, enter your PayPal account details, and proceed with the transaction in the standard fashion.

It is important to keep in mind, however, that this option has only recently become available, and may not be possible at every online casino. If you would prefer to make transactions via PayPal, simply check in advance if the option is available at a casino before committing money. Online casinos will generally prominently display the PayPal logo at the bottom of the homepage. You may also contact the customer support centre of a casino for further details.

Detailed Reports For Free

One of the many advantages you will be granted when you manage your online casino transactions through your regular PayPal account is that a detailed record is kept of all your online spielautomaten transactions. Not only will notification be sent to your email address, or directly to your smart phone if the option is enabled, every time a transaction is made, but a transaction list is also freely available in your account.

This list will detail every deposit or withdrawal made, as well as specifying which online casino the transaction occurred at. In this fashion the user has explicit control over their finances, and may keep track of where every sent is going. Be sure to keep in mind that a withdrawal from an online casino may take a few days before reflecting in your PayPal account. This has been a brief overview of how you may manage your online casino transactions through your regular PayPal account. For more detailed information, or to open a PayPal account, visit the PayPal website.

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