RTG’s Sevens Wild Multihand Video Poker at a Glance

Sevens Wild Multihand by Realtime Gaming is a take on the traditional take of five card draw poker.

The setup for Sevens Wild Multihand by Realtime Gaming includes a simple black background with the words sevens wild written at the top in a bright orange neon front. To the right of this bright orange neon sign is a dragon character. This dragon character is red with white claws, white teeth, a pointed tail, orange hair made out of fire and he is in the shape of the number seven.

Below the red seven character are the words multi hand as well as the number of hands the player is playing per round. Below this, the player can use green buttons with white arrows pointing to the left and to the right to change their bet denomination. There are several different integers that the player can choose from when selecting.

In the middle of the screen, the player can see the multiple hands that they will be playing during this game. They are all laid out nicely so that the player can easily see where they have won and lost after the cards have been dealt and the draw has been made. Below this space is the player’s five card draw poker hand.

At the very bottom of the playing space, the player can see some information about their betting options as well as some buttons that allow them to adjust various aspects of the game. The first button is a yellow paytable button. This will show the player the various payouts for hands and other technical aspects of the game. The red cashout button will allow the player to cashout should they wish to stop playing. The yellow bet one button cycles through various betting options. Pushing the deal button will get the player dealt their first hand of cards. Max bet places the maximum bet available and automatically deals out the player’s cards.

There are also the player’s total credits, their balance, their bet, their total bet and their payout. The player is also able to insert coins from the screen.

Sevens Wild Multihand Gameplay

Sevens Wild Multihand plays very similar to five card draw poker at https://megacasinobonuses.co.uk/mobile-casino. Once the player has been dealt their cards, they can pick which ones they would like to hold and which they would like to replace. After they’ve drawn their cards, their hand is compared to the payout scale and they are awarded money if it’s a good enough hand.

In this variant, sevens are wild. This means that sevens can substitute for any card in order to make a winning hand for the player. The fact that they are wild is actually shown on the card itself as well.

Sevens Wild Multihand Payouts

Sevens Wild Multihand starts paying at three of a kind. Other hands that pay out, from least to move valuable, include three of a kind, straight, full house, four of a kind, and five of a kind.

The top three payouts are a wild royal flush with sevens, four sevens, and a royal flush. A royal flush will pay four thousand times initial bet.

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