Treasure Hunt Video Slot by Spielo

About Treasure Hunt Video Slot by Spielo

To many, Treasure Hunt is considered an absolute classic. The theme of adventure and hunting for forgotten treasure all mixed in with some pirates has propelled the game to legendary status. As Treasure Hunt video slot by Spielo grew in popularity, many online casinos saw the opportunity to adopt the game into their libraries. Today, Treasure Hunt can be found in a number of different casinos, now one of the staples of any reputable online library.

The popularity of the game, aside from the gameplay and the theme, can be attributed to the aesthetics of the game. Treasure Hunt video slot by Spielo features bright, colourful visuals that tie in well with the general theme of the game. Spielo made sure their game was exceptionally appealing as far as the graphics are concerned, and this has worked extremely well. For players that would like to test the game out and see what it is all about, there are free versions that can be enjoyed without any type of financial investment.

Playing Treasure Hunt Video Slot by Spielo

Treasure Hunt features 5 reels and 30 paylines, and is exclusively powered by the software developer Spielo. As far as playing the game is concerned, Treasure Island uses traditional online slot gameplay. There are a number of different symbols found on the reels, each with their own value. Landing these symbols in special combinations during spins can allow the player to earn winnings. Symbols include a golden ring, treasure chests, a compass, and more.

For symbols of a lower value, the traditional numbers and letters are used. The value of symbols, possible combinations, and the general rules of the game can be viewed by checking the paytable. Alongside the normal symbols, Treasure Hunt video slot by Spielo also makes use of a wild, which is depicted as a skull and crossbones. The wild symbol acts as a substitute for all other symbols in the game, allowing for certain combinations to be completed.

Players are able to make bets at the start of spins, and the more that is bet, the higher the potential winnings. Every spin will subtract from the total credit amount. This process can be sped up by using the autoplay function, which allows the player to choose the amount of times the reels will spin automatically.

Treasure Hunt Video Slot by Spielo Bonus Content

The main bonus feature of Treasure Hunt video slot by Spielo is the free spins feature. Free spins are activated whenever the player manager to land the special scatter symbols across the reels. Up to ten free spins are available, and the free spins bonus rounds will begin automatically once the feature has been activated.

The wild symbol also has a bonus feature, which is known as the Surrounding Wild Feature. After activating, all the symbols around the wild will become wilds, allowing for up to 9 wilds at a time. This means that combinations can be completed frequently.

Treasure Hunt Video Slot by Spielo Verdict

There are few other games that offer exactly what Treasure Hunt video slot by Spielo offers. The gameplay, visuals, and bonus features make the game unique within its genre.

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