Diamond Tower HTML5 Online Slot Review

Diamond Tower HTML5 Casino Slot

Diamond Tower is an online slot machine game. It is fast paced and pleasant, with bright, cheerful icons, as well as featuring interesting sound cues that help the player keep track of the game. The icons animate when matched, for maximum entertainment value, and the game boasts an impressive 1024 ways to win. Or, more accurately, the game features 1024 possible ways to match the icons. As with all online slot machines, the player simply has to match certain types of icons per spin, with the more icons matched being the better. There are, however, a number of interesting special features and bonuses that make this game stand apart from similar games.

User Interface

Like in many pokies NZ, You may see all information about the game in progress via the bar located across the bottom of the screen. This bar will inform the player how much money is currently in their account, how much is being wagered on the current spin, and how much has been won. You may also increase your wager per bet via the buttons found here.

Playing via a Browser

Diamond Tower HTML5 Top 20 has been designed and optimised to run in an internet browser, specifically with the HTML5 browser software. It is therefore best to play this version via a desktop computer or laptop, directly on your internet browser. All browsers that utilise HTML5, such as Chrome and Internet Explorer, may be used. If you wish to play on your mobile device, it is better to download the application for a smooth, user friendly player experience. Note that this game may be played for free, or for real money, as the player prefers. To play for real money, simply click the option located at the top of the screen. For more information, contact the customer support centre o the website at which you are playing.

Diamond Tower Internet Based Slot

Featured Icons

Diamond Tower HTML5 Top 20 features a cute set of icons, themed around a classic luxurious lifestyle. There are martini glasses, sports cars, speed boats, and more, all of which animate when they are matched. Numbers and other playing card symbols can also be found. The same icons must match with each other, or the mysterious lady, to achieve winning payouts.

The Mysterious Lady Icon

The lovely mysterious lady icon will appear as the player spins. She stands as a wild card, and can be matched with any of the other icons to achieve a win. The player may, for example, match two martinis with the mysterious lady, or even two icons and two mysterious ladies. Upon being matched she will animate, drawing a curtain across her face and transforming into a burglar. This will trigger the bonus and grant the player the winnings. More mysterious ladies equal more wins, so hope to be seeing her face as much as possible.

Auto-Spin Option

Diamond Tower HTML5 Top 20 features an auto-spin option. You can find it at the bottom of the screen, and select to have the wheels automatically spun. Simply click the option, select how many times you would like the wheel to spin, up to fifty, and then click start. You may stop the sequence at any time by clicking the stop cotton.

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