Brilliant Online Baccarat Entertainment

Do you want to play a card game that’s not as complex as poker and not as strategic as blackjack? Baccarat is the answer. This card comparing game requires little skill or strategy and with only 3 options to wager on, you can learn how to play and be ready to bet real money in a matter of minutes.

A fast-paced card game that’s fun and rewarding, baccarat was previously the domain of high rollers, but by going online it has become a favourite of players of all bankroll sizes. You can enjoy free baccarat games at some of the top online casinos and can learn how to play with no risk, or you can just enjoy budget-friendly fun whenever you are in the mood. The real money baccarat games are very rewarding and payouts in this game can be very pleasing.

Baccarat Background

Long before baccarat was available online it was played in land based casinos and gaming parlours across the globe. A French variation of the old Italian game called ‘baccara’, baccarat as we know it today was introduced to France in around 1490, making it several centuries old.

This exciting game has stood the test of time and today players flock to online casinos to enjoy a variety of different versions of the game, including that which is played against a Live Dealer in real time via video feed. There are three main variants of baccarat, namely Punto Banco or North American baccarat, Baccarat Banque and Chemin de Fer. Punto Banco is the most popular version of the game online and it’s based almost purely on chance.

Exceptional Online Baccarat Entertainment

In recent years baccarat has become increasingly popular and the fact that it’s James Bond’s favourite casino game adds to its appeal. This slick and stylish card game oozes sophistication and you can enjoy true-to-life glamour when playing online in the comfort of your own home.

In baccarat a player must choose to bet on one of three outcomes of the game. They must predict whether the game will end with the player or banker winning, or if it will be tie. The odds differ accordingly as do payouts, and if you take a chance it could just be your lucky day. Baccarat is incredibly suspenseful and enthralling and this compelling game will keep you entertained for many hours.

Learn How to Play Baccarat

The best place to learn to play baccarat is online as the many free versions allows you to become comfortable with the game and familiarise yourself with all its workings. The aim of baccarat is to build a hand that is as close to 9 as possible and card values are calculated with cards 2-9 equalling their face value, Aces are worth one point and Jacks, Queens and Kings have no value whatsoever.

Whilst you should know what the value of each card is, when playing online the casino will calculate your tally automatically so you can sit back and relax, watching and waiting to see whether you are a winner.

Baccarat enthrals players across the globe and its simple premise and high payout potential makes it a very alluring card game.

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